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Does the Lifterz come in pairs?
Yes, all our shoe lifts are sold as pairs. We also offer a double pack with 2 pairs and a big discount.

How are they made ?
Lifterz are made from a patent design with the material called PU, which is high in quality and quite stiff compare to other height increasing insoles. This production process is more expensive they the process of competitors but because of this stiffness they last longer and don’t get compressed (and losing height) when using them. The design itself is originally founded in the city of Breda located in Holland.

What if i don’t like the Lifterz insoles?
Yes, the purpose of Lifterz is to provide you instant height up to 2 inches (5cm). Try them! If you are not happy, simply contact us and we fill provide you a full refund with no questions asked!

Blueprint Lifterz design

Can the Lifterz insole be transferred from shoe to shoe?

Yes, the Lifterz insoles are 100% transferable and can be easily moved from one shoe to the other so you can enjoy your new height with variety.

Are all shoe lifts one size fits all?
Yes. Our shoe lifts come with perforated edges on the underside of the insole which allow for easy trimming with scissors. However, they fit most shoes right out of the box with out any trimming necessary. Only choose the men or woman version.

How long do the Lifterz insoles last?
The high grade materials used in the Lifterz insoles are made to last years under your feet.

How can I use the Lifterz insole for my everyday shoes?
Simply put the Lifterz insole securely in the heel of the shoe and you’re ready to go!

Are they washable?
Yes. Lifterz are washable. Wash them with a brush and water. Leave them in the open air until they dry.

Can I run in my Lifterz insoles?
Though you can walk comfortably in them all day, we don’t recommend any high intensity
exercise. Simply because you’re not accustomed to your new height and would naturally make
movements that might throw you off balance.

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