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Height increasing insoles / elevator shoes

Lifterz ® – Height increasing insoles. Increase your height unnoticeable by: 3-5cm (1.25 to 2 inches) using multi-layer adjustments. Fits every shoe.

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Fits every type of shoe

Lifterz height increasing insoles fit virtually every shoe.
They are ergonomically designed and shaped to fit the feet and don’t shift in the shoe itself. For both men and women.

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Add stability and balance

Lifterz height increasing insoles also add balance and helps improve your gait by supporting your knee, joint and ankle movement while increasing back support because of their cutting-edge design.

Increase your height by: 5cm (2 inches)

Increase your height immediately, discretely and comfortably.

What our customers say

First time in Holland I was amazed of the height difference, being an overseas visitor. Lifterz helped me adapt in a minute or so.
John Olsen

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